GBSK Secures Favorable Damages Settlements From Pipeline Company

Our Clients

Our clients in this arbitration were primarily farmers in northern Ohio whose farmland had been crossed by a large pipeline project.

The Problem

During construction of the pipeline, rainwater and other natural drainage water collected in the pipeline trenches on our clients’ properties. In its effort to maintain continuous construction, the company pumped the water out of its trenches and across our clients’ farmland. This “dewatering” activity, as the company referred to it, caused damage on these farms, including damages to crops, agricultural soils, and drainage swales. On behalf of more than seventy of our clients, our firm presented demands to the company for payments to cover our clients’ damages. The company rejected those demands.

How We Helped

We filed an arbitration action against the company on behalf of our clients and began to conduct discovery and assemble evidence to support our clients’ claims. Throughout this phase we were able to reach agreeable settlements for many of our clients. And for those cases that were not able to be resolved, we proceeded to an arbitration hearing.

The Results

During the arbitration hearing we secured settlement terms from the company that were agreeable to our remaining clients, thereby successfully resolving more than seventy dewatering damages claims on behalf of our clients.


GBSK Secures 4x Higher Settlement Than ODOT's Offer


ODOT Offers $16K, GBSK Secures $87.5K