GBSK Wins $236.5K Jury Verdict Against NRG For 267' Pipeline Easement

Our Client

Mary Miller and her late husband bought their Craftsman style home in Avon, Ohio with the idea of living there during retirement and eventually selling it to a commercial developer to provide for their family.

The Problem

NRG Pipeline used eminent domain against Mary to try to take an easement to install a 24-inch gas pipeline underneath the center of her property. The proposed location of the pipeline easement would have ruined the property’s future development potential and value.

How We Helped

Our attorneys represented Mary in the NRG’s eminent domain lawsuit against her and won a jury award of $236,500 for a 0.31-acre easement (running 267 linear feet) – more than 15 times what NRG had offered her. But it didn’t end there. NRG eventually abandoned its plans to install the pipeline on Mary’s property, but refused to pay her expenses incurred in defending the lawsuit as required by law. So, we took NRG back to court.

The Results

We reached a settlement with NRG that compensated Mary for her expenses and ended the eminent domain threat to her property. Mary Miller was ultimately made whole and was once again in control of her land, free of a pipeline easement.


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