GBSK Wins Six-Figure Arbitration Award Against Pipeline Company

Our Client

Our client in this arbitration was a farmer in eastern Ohio whose farm had been crossed by a large pipeline project.

The Problem

During construction of the pipeline, construction runoff, mud, and subsoil sediment ran off the pipeline construction site and into the owner’s nearby pond. The introduction of these foreign materials into the pond caused it to become turbid and the deposition of sediment took years off the pond’s remaining useful life. We presented a demand to the pipeline company for estimated cleanup costs on behalf of our client, which the company rejected.

How We Helped

We filed an arbitration action against the company on behalf of our client, hired several expert witnesses to evaluate appropriate methods and costs to remedy the damage to the pond, conducted extensive discovery, and assemble numerous items of evidence to support our client’s claim at the arbitration hearing.

The Results

We successfully secured a favorable arbitration award for our client to cover the costly remediation of his pond.


ODOT Offers $16K, GBSK Secures $87.5K


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