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If you are faced with a property-related matter, you’ve found the right attorneys. At GBSK, we are passionate about representing landowners faced with eminent domain, road projects, pipelines, power lines, oil & gas, cell towers, wind turbines, purchases and sales of real estate, zoning issues, access issues, land use, and other property-related matters. Whether through negotiation or jury trial, we have helped thousands of landowners navigate complex legal and practical issues to achieve favorable outcomes. If you are faced with a property-related matter, please click for a free consultation to discuss how GBSK can help you.


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They are not only extremely knowledgeable, but they are passionate about the work they do.

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When your property is being taken for a public project, you are entitled to fair compensation in the form of money. Our attorneys and consulting experts work diligently to obtain for our clients the compensation they deserve.


Whether your property is being taken for a public project or is being sold or leased to a third party, your property rights will be conveyed by an easement agreement, lease agreement, or other type of real estate contract. The terms of these contracts can greatly affect the long term uses and value of your property. We work diligently to obtain legal protections and benefits, and ensure that each of our clients’ unique concerns are properly addressed.


Contract terms are only as good as your ability to enforce them. Conveyances of real estate often lead to situations where your contractual rights must be enforced. These enforcement efforts may begin as early as the signing of the contract, and may continue throughout the construction of the project and several years after. We work diligently to enforce the protections and benefits contained in the contract terms we obtain for our clients.


We offer numerous types of fee arrangements to ensure all of our landowner clients have access to first-class legal services. These arrangements include contingent fees where we only earn a fee if we improve our client’s position. We also offer hourly rates, and combination rates comprised of both a contingent and hourly component. The bottom line is, we go outside the box of traditional legal fees to ensure all of our clients have access to the legal services they need.


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We Are Involved in Numerous Projects Across Ohio

Use the search bar below to search for your project or click the “See More of Our Current Projects” button below to browse some of the projects in which we are involved. When searching, we recommend using the PID for Road projects or the Project Name for Pipeline and Power Line projects. Please note that while we list many projects on our website, we are involved in even more. We encourage you to contact us even if you do not find your project on our website.

We Don’t Just Know the Law, We Teach Other Lawyers

From authoring the Ohio section of the American Bar Association’s treatise on eminent domain law to teaching the next generation of lawyers at the Ohio State University Mortiz College of Law, our attorneys are recognized as leading eminent domain practitioners. Click on one of the articles or visit our “Learn the Law” section to learn more out about important legal issues impacting Ohio landowners.