“These guys were so overwhelmingly impressive by how far they were willing to go to help me. They restored my faith in lawyers.”

- Charles Wyandt, Farmer

“My first attorney told me, ‘No one around here can handle the pipeline company.’ He was right. Thank goodness I found Goldman & Braunstein. I don’t know what I would do without them.”

— Ed Goshe, Farmer

“I wanted to make sure that when this pipeline project was finished the land was as good as it could be. Our attorneys worked very hard to make that happen.”

- Albert Armand, Farmer

“Could not ask for better representation on protecting our property rights and gaining fair compensation.”

- Kevin DiDonato, Landowner

“We were always kept informed of any problems and negotiation progress. Several phone calls from us were promptly returned w ith answers. We received much more money than expected with many provisions in the final contract that we did not even consider when we first started the negotiation process with you.”

- David A. Martien , Secretary, Tiffin Masonic Real Estate

“We could not have fought the battle with Sunoco Pipeline and received the compensation if it was not for you. The knowledge an d experience they had in regards to our neighborhoods underground gas line was impressive. They were able to get compensation and protection from fut ure problems that could occur with having an underground pipeline in our backyard.”

- Theresa DiGennaro, Landowner

“Every person connected with the firm was up to speed as to the situation being considered. They were very friendly and never condescending. I was impressed with their knowledge of the situation and their helpfulness.”

- Karen Miller, Landowner

“Goldman & Braunstein had the resources, professionalism, and experience to turn the state’s thinking around and thus secure the true value of the property.”

— Patrick Bennett, Vice President for Operations, Franklin University

“Goldman and Braunstein's Law Firm was there for us, when all other law firms in our area were working for the pipeline companies in our state. They were over two hours away but always seemed to be right by our side through our litigation. They were caring and genuinely concerned about our situation. They are great communicators and fought our fight with integrity and professionalism... and we won!! We would highly recommend them to anyone!”

- Mary Miller and Eva St. Clair, Landowners

“Their ability to understand the uniqueness of our property and our daily operations was critical in order for them to negotiate in our best interests.”

- Luke Messinger, Executive Director, Dawes Arboretum

“The firm represented us extremely well in the pipe line right of way in clouding the clean up!”

- Roger Zieber, Landowner

“Dealing with an easement can be an emotional one when there are multiple siblings with ownership of the land that has been i n t he family since the mid 1800's. The firm of Goldman and Braunstein represented our interests with dedication and complete knowledge of the process. When i ssu es unique to the property arose, everyone at the firm reacted quickly and efficiently to resolve those issues. We were well informed all along the w ay. It was a very complex process and we could not have handled it properly by ourselves.”

- Rebecca Bishop, Landowner

“Great representation!!!!”

- W E Cray, Landowner

“This will protect our future and that of our kids when they inherit the land.”

- Ken Detterman, Farmer

“No matter what questions I had they were answered promptly, usually the same day. All material mailed to me were easy to understand and were explained thoroughly.”

- Lesley Riker, Landowner

“They listen to all my concerns. Returned phone calls in a timely manner. Also visited my property.”

- Greg Clark, Landowner

“I’m absolutely satisfied with the outcome. You need to retain legal experts to ensure you get a fair resolution with an issue like this.”

- George Kontogiannis, Owner, Americana Office and Apartments

“I would highly recommend the services of Goldman & Braunstein.”

- Richard Carpenter, Landowner

“It was critical that our family was represented by the firm. With my father passing away as the pipeline was announced it left my mother responsible for making the right choices with the 300 acre farm and without the representation my mom would have struggled to keep up and make sure her rights were protected. I give Goldman and Braunstein my highest endorsement for there approach and communications during what could have been a very stressful time for our family. Even in the face of a loss within their own family they never missed a beat with the process and fought for the best possible outcome. Thank you to the attorneys and staff of Goldman and Braunstein.”

- Michael Rinebild, Landowner

“I totally recommend this firm for property matters, no hidden items, just straight forward.”

- John Meyer, Landowner

“We hired your firm to deal with the Rover pipeline when it came thru our property. We were very pleased with our settlement and your firm was always available to answer our questions and concerns. Thank you very much.”

- Sandy Lang, Landowner

“Did a very good job of representing us and very knowledgeable.”

- John Hadam, Landowner

“Your firm was very helpful when I had questions.”

- Vern Bretin, Landowner

“Great group of people to work with always pleasant and willing to talk with.”

- Clark Scott, Landowner

“Goldman and Braunstein have been extremely responsive to our unique difficulties with the Rover Pipeline going through our cow pasture and tree farm. We recommend their services highly!”

- Barbara Dewey & John Quimby, Farmers

“We liked the initial FYI presentation better than a couple of other firms and were not disappointed in the main results. They helped us feel more secure during the process too.”

- Fred Rhum, Landowner